Jumuah 1 (Masjid)12:20: 1st Azaan12:30: 2nd Azaan & KhutbahFollowed by SalaahEntrance and exit will ONLY be from the left door Jumuah 2 (Opposite the Masjid)12:50: 1st Azaan13:00: 2nd Azaan & KhutbahFollowed by Salaah Jumuah guidelines Masjid will be limited to 50 people. Doors will be closed as soon as 50 people have been reached Please […]

Please note the changes to the salaah times as below, starting from Tuesday 16th March 2021 Fajr azaan 05:20Fajr salaah 05:40 Asar azaan 17:00Asar salaah 17:15 Isha azaan 19:45Isha salaah 20:00 Daily salaah times can be found on the homepage of http://buccleuchmasjid.co.za Monthly salaah times are located at http://buccleuchmasjid.co.za/index.php/salaah-time/ To receive daily salaah times and […]