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Madrasah Rules – Buccleuch Musjid

Madrasah Rules

Preceding conditions and requirements for pupils admission into the Madrasah


1. All new pupils shall be examined upon admission. Thereafter, the applicant learner shall be placed in an

appropriate class; irrespective of his reports produced.

2. Enrolment and Indemnity forms must be completed and submitted by the first week of the opening of Madrasah each year.

3. Full disclosure of any abnormalities of pupils health condition must be submitted with a doctors letter eg. Hearing, eyesight, speech, any infectious diseases, asthma, surgical procedures etc. Allergies towards medications and food must be disclosed.


1. No permission for leave will be granted for weddings, birthday parties, visiting grandparents, visiting the ill and extracurricular activities (beside match days).

2. No pupils may stay absent without a valid reason. A letter should be forwarded in advance requesting absenteeism.

3. The Ustaath or principal will have the full right to check on students, their activities and go through personal belongings to maintain and uphold good behavioural standards.

4. They will also confiscate any items found that is deemed not permissible, as mentioned in clause number 13.

5. The determination of bad behaviour will be in the sole discretion of the principal.

6. Pupils shall be disciplined by appropriate reproach for any flagrant misconduct or Muslim behavioural misdemeanour.

7. If a learner has a problem, his/her parents should make an appointment with the principal’s office, to discuss the problem. The decision of the principal will be final and binding regarding all issues.

8. Pupils who behave badly in any manner; as being disrespectful, speaking rudely or harshly and refusing to obey instructions from any Ustaath, teacher or any other staff of the institute will deserve a reprimand and shall be duly disciplined or even expelled.

9. Pupils must not quarrel with anyone, or fight amongst themselves or with any person at all.  All complaints must be lodged with the principal or Ustaath.

10. Any pupil found smoking, taking drugs or involved in substance abuse, drinking liquor, carrying knives, dangerous objects, fighting or intimidating other pupils, will be expelled.

11. Students must not damage or deface (graffiti) the institutes building and property. Students (and their parents) will be held responsible for any damage caused.

12. Students should not at all waste water and electricity, or even abuse other facilities made available to them.

13. Learners are not allowed to bring the following items:

  • Cigarettes or any other habit forming drugs (Pupils will be expelled if found with any of these items).
  • Cell phones, Sunglasses, radios, mp3 players, i Pads, games, magazines, anti Islamic or offensive literature,
  • novels, DVDs, etc. are not allowed. Any of these items found will be confiscated and destroyed (Parents/
  • Guardians and pupils will have no claim against the institute, its Trustees and the Staff).
  • Knives or any other items that can be used to injure or harm other pupils.

14. Parents are to pick up their child/ children from the Madrassah at 5pm. Children will not be allowed to leave without their parents, guardian, or person responsible for picking up their child/children. If parents are late in picking up their child/ children at 5pm, please inform us by contacting us. Feel free to keep in contact with your child/children’s ustaath regarding their progress or regarding any queries that may arise.


1. Any clothing with pictures, slogans and adverts thereon are disallowed. (Parents must understand that such slogans and adverts are not allowed in the Masjid or places of five daily salaah).

2. No three-quarter trousers, short trousers, denim jeans are allowed.

3. Students should not cut or trim their hair in a manner which is contrary to Shariah.

4. Children must attend the Madrasah wearing the following:

  • Girls are to dress in a cloak with pants. Short/long burkas are to be worn to cover their hair.
  • The following are not to be worn to Madrasah:
    • Open abayas, with other outfits underneath.
    • Jeans and pants above the ankles.
    • Scarves and fancy dopataas
    • Make-up and jewellery.
  • Boys are to wear kurtaas with a White kurta trouser ( which is worn above the ankles) and a topee should be worn to cover the head.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear jeans to Madrasah.