The following are the regular scheduled programs. Special bayaans will be posted on the main website

After Fajr

  • Daily program after Fajr namaaz for 3 – 5 minutes regarding the day of a Muslim. This covers the sunnah Surahs, Duas and other aspects of a Muslim’s daily life


After Esha

  • Ta’leem and kitaab reading will In-sha-Allah take place after the sunnahs of Esha



  • Out-Ghust on Mondays – the jamaat will leave just before Maghrib salaah
  • In-Ghust on Wednesday after Maghrib salaah


Ladies Ta’leem

  • Ta’leem and kitaab reading is conducted every Tuesday at 11am to 12pm at various houses. Ladies may contact or subscribe to enquire about the venue for each week