Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu 

Respected residents of Buccleuch

Decisive steps of Masjid al Khaleel, Buccleuch with regard to National state of disaster. We appeal to all community members and visiting musallees from other communities to abide by the decisions taken by the trustees of the Masjid.

Salaah will continue in congregation at the masjid at its usual times

Musallees are advised to make wudhu at home 

Musallees are advised to read sunnahs before/after salaah at their homes

The elderly and those who are ill should understand the risk and are encouraged to perform salaah at home 

Anyone that returned from any foreign trip is advised to self-quarantine and to perform salaah at home until cleared. 

If possible all musallees to bring their own Musalla to ensure a cleaner environment.

Please engage in constant Duaa and istighfaar

Madresah management will inform parents on the closure of Madresah for this term

We urge the community and musallees to act responsibly and to avoid panic

Suggested steps to curtail the jumua gathering according to the country’s regulations are being formulated

Further notifications will follow insha Allaah 

Jazaakumullaahu khairan 


Board of trustees

Masjid al Khaleel