04Apr 2020 Bilal Channel 8 Masjid al KhaleelDaily program 15 minutes before Maghrib Salaah Salaat and Salaam Duaa After Maghrib Salaah Surah Waaqiah Protection Duaas After Esha Salaah Surah Mulk The intention is to bring A’maal into our homes and to attract the mercy of Allah Ta’aala in these trying times. Together with this, we will […]

04May 2019

Join us after taraweeh on an amazing journey through the Quran whilst exploring pertinent matters such has: – what is Quran? – the different modes of revelation and recital. – courses of revelation. – the history of the compilation of the Quran. – influential exegists, commentators and mufassirun of the Quran. And much more…..