Salaah time changes for Ramadhaan 1440/2019

Fajr, first 10 days:
Fajr azaan 05:35
Fajr salaah 05:45

Fajr, middle 10 days:
Fajr azaan 05:40
Fajr salaah 05:50

Fajr, last 10 days:
Fajr azaan 05:45
Fajr salaah 05:55

Esha for the month:
Esha azaan 7:00
Esha salaah 7:15

Kajoor and zam zam will be laid out in the back of the masjid daily. Kindly refrain from bring any food items for iftaar.

Additional parking will be available in the property next door. Please avoid parking on the road as it is not allowed.