14Jan 2021

Jumuah12:40: 1st Azaan12:50: 2nd Azaan & KhutbahFollowed by Salaah Jumuah guidelines Please ensure that you come with a face mask and your own musalla Kindly adhere to covid protocols Jazaakumullaahu khairan Masjid al KhaleelBuccleuch

15Mar 2021

Please note the changes to the salaah times as below, starting from Tuesday 16th March 2021 Fajr azaan 05:20Fajr salaah 05:40 Asar azaan 17:00Asar salaah 17:15 Isha azaan 19:45Isha salaah 20:00 Daily salaah times can be found on the homepage of http://buccleuchmasjid.co.za Monthly salaah times are located at http://buccleuchmasjid.co.za/index.php/salaah-time/ To receive daily salaah times and […]