Live Streaming

Live Audio Streaming

To listen to Azaan, Salaah and other programs from Masjid-al-Khaleel Buccleuch on your phone or computer, you can use the player below, or click on these links.



To receive automated notifications on your phone or computer whenever the streaming goes live, please install Telegram for Android or iPhone, then click on this link to join: Telegram will send you a message whenever Azaan and Namaaz starts streaming.


Home Page:

Play directly on your phone:

Play with an audio application.First install the below apps for your phone, then click this link:

All programs are automatically recorded to and automatically deleted after a few days. To listen to special bayaans, please go to


Radio Bilal

To listen to azaan and bayaans, we use the Radio Bilal system using Channel 8 for our Masjid. The Radio Bilal receivers can be bought from anywhere, and set to Channel 8 in order to listen to Azaan. It should be left powered on, and then you will be able to listen whenever the Masjid is transmitting.

The channels for surrounding Masjids that can also be used on your receiver :
– Marlboro Masjid: 27
– Houghton West Street Masjid: 9
– Greenside Masjid ur Rahmah: 11
– Northcliff Masjid: 7

Radio Bilal usage:
– The two aerials should be separated
– Place in a suitable area for best reception
– Set to Channel 8 and leave powered on to listen to Musjid-al-Khaleel azaan and programs
– Disconnect during lightning