Jumuah 1 (Masjid)
12:20: 1st Azaan
12:30: 2nd Azaan & Khutbah
Followed by Salaah
Entrance and exit will ONLY be from the left door

Jumuah 2 (Opposite the Masjid)
12:50: 1st Azaan
13:00: 2nd Azaan & Khutbah
Followed by Salaah

Jumuah guidelines

  1. Masjid will be limited to 50 people. Doors will be closed as soon as 50 people have been reached
  2. Please ensure that you come with a face mask and your own musalla
  3. Masjid doors and gates will be closed for the duration of the the first Jumuah
  4. Kindly adhere to covid protocols

Jazaakumullaahu khairan

Masjid al Khaleel