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Assalamu alaykum Alhamdu-lillah, we have been given the permission to re-open the Musjid.This is a great favour and blessing by ALLAH SWT and we should engage in abundant Shukr and Istighfaar. In accordance with the prescribed guidelines the following steps will be implemented for the re-opening of the Masjid as of Monday 01 June 2020 […] Bilal Channel 8 Masjid al KhaleelDaily program 15 minutes before Maghrib Salaah Salaat and Salaam Duaa After Maghrib Salaah Surah Waaqiah Protection Duaas After Esha Salaah Surah Mulk The intention is to bring A’maal into our homes and to attract the mercy of Allah Ta’aala in these trying times. Together with this, we will […]

In light of the Directive from the South African Government that gatherings of more than 100 people will not be allowed, NB: from FRIDAY 20/03/2020, Jumuah Salaah, in the Buccleuch area will take place in two venues as follows: 1st Venue *(Masjid)* 12:40: 1st Azaan 12:50: 2nd Azaan & Khutbah   Followed by Salaah 2nd […]

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu  Respected residents of Buccleuch Decisive steps of Masjid al Khaleel, Buccleuch with regard to National state of disaster. We appeal to all community members and visiting musallees from other communities to abide by the decisions taken by the trustees of the Masjid. Salaah will continue in congregation at the masjid at […]